This hands-on guide walks you through building a real-world event-driven serverless application using AWS services (i.e., AWS Lambda, Step Functions, API Gateway) and Fauna.

In this workshop, you build a vacation booking application (Similar to Kayak or Redtag deals). You learn about the following topics:

  • AWS Lambda
  • Basics of Fauna
  • Step functions
  • Real-time updates with Fauna Streams

Find the complete code for this workshop at the following link.

This workshop uses the serverless framework as infrastructure as code.

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Workshop Prerequisites:

  • Node installed (version 14.x or higher, find instructions here)
  • awscli installed (find install instructions here)
  • AWS Account
  • Fauna Account
  • Some familiarity with AWS Lambda and Fauna
  • Some familiarity with Infrastructure as Code
Last updated on August 5, 2022